CoreERP ver 0.7.3 Released

The CoreERP development team announces the release of version 0.7.3. All users are requested to upgrade to this new version. For hosted clients/users, their application has been upgraded to the new version automatically.

The following new features are introduced:

1) Workflow introduced with Role based hierarchies
2) Workflow Event Listner Implemented with auto mail component
3) Splitter introduced for menu and work area
4) Admin User introduced
5) Bank Reco: Book/Bank balance displayed in Bank Reconcilication
6) Enabled drill down in report: Experimental in Trial Balance
7) ClamAV extension implemented for file attachments
8) Custom Header Template Introduced (Client Letterhead)
9) Access Levels for Allow Delete and Allow Unpost moved from user to Role.

The following bugs were fixed:

1) ModulePath streamlined in WebFromController
2) Introduced NextRow and Dummy in Tran table
3) ReportViewer bug fix for @app
4) Bank Reco: Refresh bindings after update
5) Allocview modified for width and smoother rendering
6) Added displayfields to form in CwfFramework
7) Numeric binding restructured
10) Wizard collection height fixed
11) Wizard step field defaultvalue implemented
12) Order by changed in all tax sub reports
13) Rectified Json response in RestBoController
14) Fixed fetching redundent entries in attachments
15) Popup close event handler added, ui positioning modified, size issue fixed
16) c-data events enabled for button