CoreERP ver 0.7.4 released

The CoreERP development team announces the release of version 0.7.4. All users are requested to upgrade to this new version. For hosted clients/users, their application has been upgraded to the new version automatically.

The following new features are introduced:

1) Added search box in Chart of Accounts.
2) Introduced line item edit via pop-up in tax schedule.
3) Doc Workflow: Assign To introduced after document Unpost.
4) Allowed newline in Narration, lengthy text fields.
5) Display workflow actions and comments in document.
6) Status description displayed in document.
7) Attachment count displayed in document.
8) System settings screen introduced in Admin/Manage.
9) New Export options for MS-Word, MS-Excel, Open Document, Open Calc introduced.
10) All option for printing General Ledger with Book type introduced.
11) Collapsible menu in work-space shell

The following bugs were fixed:

1) Document attachment upload issue fixed
2) Doc Comments: Model related changes implemented
3) Added amount scale to displayfield type
4) IE Export/Print Fix
5) Report Server enhanced for rpt_replace_path, Logging exceptions to tomcat/logs/jreport-server