CoreERP ver 0.7.8 Released

The CoreERP development team announces the release of version 0.7.8. All users are requested to upgrade to this new version. For hosted clients/users, their application has been upgraded to the new version automatically.

The following new features are introduced:
1) Disabled Click event and enabled DblClick for report drill down (Trial Balance Only)
2) Added option to include invoices in Customer receipt on edit.
3) Antivirus integration for attachment uploads (clamAV)
4) Role access level select all option added
5) Audit trail option shifted in comments section for documents and in the form for masters
6) User Password change merged with Oauth screen
7) Introduced Shipping address in customer master
8) Doc id is now custom built. Admin/Owner can change the format

The following bugs were fixed:
1) Columnsize in wizard collection fixed
2) User Auth code merged with OAuth
3) Datepicker plugin updated to 1.6.4 and keyboard input fixed
4) Audit trail UI fixed for columnar data display
5) Render code moved from JReportcontroller to JReportHelper
6) Default boolean values in report options issue fixed
7) Exception e-mail target caused multiple exceptions when user is not authenticated
8) Google Oauth was giving incorrect message on Restrict IP failure

CoreERP Team