CoreERP ver 0.7.9 Released

The CoreERP development team announces the release of version 0.7.9. All users are requested to upgrade to this new version. For hosted clients/users, their application has been upgraded to the new version automatically.

The following new features are introduced:
1) Vendor Update: guzzlehttp and report server upgraded to open-jdk-8 and pg-driver 9.4
2) Added feature to display extra information in the collection itself -Partial
3) Added support for listbox control
4) User Auth can now be inherited/extended to support LDAP/SSO
5) Array and Json datatype support introduced. PostgreSql fields of these types can be used henceforth.
6) Moved Salesman from Publication to Accounts Recievable. Now available as dimension for all sales income.
7) New reports for Business Turnover introduced in Accounts Receivable and Stocks and Inventory
8) Any entity(master/document) can be extended to include certain implementation specific fields
9) New menu introduced for Supplier Payment Interbranch and Customer Receipt Interbranch

The following bugs were fixed:
1) Bug Fix: RptOption path changed to vsla/render
2) Bugfix: AuditTrail button position for documents fixed
3) Bug Fix: Inherited BO was using base table last_updated for validating docIsCurrent
4) Bug Fix: Missing namesapce/modulepath methods implemented and coreWebApp.formatnum()[javascript] fixed
5) Overtime and Special OT in Attendance changed from Hrs to Minutes

CoreERP Team