Financial Accounting

The CoreERP Financial Accounting Module is at the heart of recording business transactions. In addition to all the standard features of a normal Accounting package, this module is highly dynamic and scalable so as to generate enhanced reporting for better understanding and knowledge of an enterprise’s financial transactions.

Knowing your current business position in the form you desire is the most valuable business asset today. Changing business environment and other dynamics requires the businessman to be well informed all the time. The need of the hour is accurate information along with up-to-date knowledge of the current business needs, enabling him to take business decisions more effectively.

In addition to all the features of recording financial transactions, this module has evolved over the years as a result of implementation in various industries. Significant care and attention has been taken to develop and integrate all customized changes in the final product so as to provide a generic structure that can be used for any industry.

Key areas such as Foreign Currency, Inter Branch, are prebuilt into the system. The module is the result of a team of like minded Chartered Accountants combining their skills, knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

Features and Benefits

  • Branch accounting to provide decentralized book keeping with complete support for Inter-branch transactions
  • Multi Currency Transactions and automated Exchange Rate Fluctuation settlements
  • Chart of Accounts up to 26 hierarchical levels with facility to view multiple ledgers online
  • Detailed and summarised reports including Trial Balance and Balance Sheet.