Tax Management and Reporting

Regulatory compliance is one of the foremost requirements of an enterprise. Accurate and timely compliance is required to keep the tax authorities on the right side of the organisation. It is also a corporate and social responsibility to ensure that all legal requirements of Tax Authorities are complied with time and again.

Tax Management and Reporting module ensures that all tax implications like Tax Deductions, Service Taxes, VAT, etc. are collected and recorded properly. Reporting ensures that there are timely deposits into the government treasury and timely tax returns are filed.

Further, immediate update of changes in tax rates and application of the same enable smoother functioning and compliance with regulatory authorities.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatically deduct Tax at Source
  • Create multi-stepped tax formulas for Invoices and Bills
  • Pay taxes on due date by auto generating payments
  • Generate CENVAT credit as part of bill booking
  • Generate data required for quarterly/annual returns of Tax Deducted at Source