CoreERP is cloud based, and can be accessed from anywhere on any device. It is truly online, real-time and platform independent. It does not require installation of any other software.

CoreERP supports multiple users, multiple branches and inter-branch financial accounting. All the Branch Accounts get consolidated in real-time.

Attach documents and upload it to the server. Access the document at anytime it its required.

CoreERP generates real-time reports pre-formatted for viewing and printing. Each document in the system has a pre-formatted report that can be printed or exported to various formats like pdf, xlsx, docx, etc.

Stay on top of all statutory compliance. CoreERP is up to date with statutory requirements like Audit Trail, GST Returns, E-Invoicing and much more.

Every organisation is different and has different requirements. Reach out to us for customising the software for the needs of your organisation..


Financial Accounting Module

The CoreERP Financial Accounting Module is at the heart of recording business transactions. In addition to all the standard features of a normal Accounting package, this module is highly dynamic and scalable so as to generate enhanced reporting for better understanding and knowledge of an enterprise’s financial transactions.

“Knowing your current business position in the form you desire” is the most valuable business asset today. Changing business environment and other dynamics requires the businessman to be well informed all the time. The need of the hour is accurate information along with up-to-date knowledge of the current business needs, enabling him to take business decisions more effectively.

Key Features

  • Inter Branch Accounting and Real-time branch consolidation.
  • Multi-currency Support.
  • Period Closing and Month Closing feature.
  • Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet etc. reports available.

Stock & Inventory Module

There’s no greater potential for profit – or for loss – than in Inventory Management. Precise inventory control is an essential part of the operation of a successful, well-organized company. Successful businesses require timely and accurate information on your receipts of goods, the movement of goods within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods, and the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any point in time.

CoreERP Stocks and Inventory Module is designed to provide you with accurate information on all aspects of inventory to ensure that the software tools are available to manage and control inventory in the most cost-effective manner.

Key Features

  • Automatic Landed cost apportionment.
  • Multiple Stock Locations Support.
  • Batch/lot based receipt and issue with expiry dates and quarantine stock.
  • Simplified procurement procedure from Purchase order to Goods Receipt.

Receivables & Payables Module

CoreERP Receivables module streamlines the process of dealing with the customer. Payables module simplifies the management of suppliers. Together, it forms part of an efficient system designed to reduce the paperwork within the organisation and automate processes while reducing the costs and employee-related errors. It seamlessly integrates within the logistics cycle to give real-time information on customer/supplier dues, credit limits, payment terms & cycles.

Key Features

  • Foreign Currency supplier/customer feature.
  • Receivable/Payable Ledgers, Statement of Accounts, Overdue Reports available.
  • Age-wise Supplier/Customer Analysis.

Tax and Compliance Module

Taxes are imbued in most types of transactions an organisation makes, whether directly or indirectly. In CoreERP taxes are deeply integrated within its different modules to facilitate precise calculation and recording of tax data.

All the tax data is brought together in the tax module for easier compliance. Navigating the difficult landscape of tax compliance is mostly automated and completely simplified in CoreERP.

Key Features

  • E-Invoicing for GST.
  • TDS Compliance & GST returns.
  • GSTR 2A Reconciliation etc.

Please get in touch with us for further information on our modules.

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