Browser Enabled

Truly online, real-time and platform independent. Use Google Chrome browser and access from anywhere, anytime. Does not require installation of any other software.

Dashboards and Reports

Operational and Management Dashboards for interactive Graphs and Grids.

Executive Summary & Business Analysis.

Real-time web based HTML Reports.


CoreERP is available at extremely competitive subscription rates. Subscribe at monthly or yearly rates.


CoreERP is an integrated system for managing and optimising enterprise wide performance. It helps accomplish seamless integration between all the horizontals and verticals within an organization.

CoreERP can be tailored to the specific needs of any industry and gives the organisation a competitive edge over others. Built using open source platforms like php and postgreSQL it is efficient, scalable and adaptable. CoreERP can be hosted on linux server over the cloud or on-premise.

CoreERP has several independent modules that interact with each other to provide an organization with a holistic system to manage and optimize business processes.